Vinilo Microperforado

Vinilo Microperforado

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12,00 IVA no incluido

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    Microperforated vinyl

    Microperforated adhesive vinyl is a white PVC film on the front side and black on the back with small perforations that allow vision in only one direction.

    From the outside the print is visible.

    This one-way vision vinyl is designed for application on windows, glass in public establishments, buildings or large windows with the aim of disseminating advertising .

    Recommendations for a correct application of vinyl.

    The surface where we are going to apply the adhesive vinyl must be free of dust, grease and dirt of any kind. Likewise, the minimum application temperature should not be less than 10 ºC. We recommend having at least the following tools on hand for applying the vinyl: a meter stick, a cutter and a pair of spatulas (one white and one hard).

    Remember our wide range of vinyls:

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    2 options:

    1 – Download the EXAMPLE template «Vinyls and Adhesives 100×70» from our website and use it as a base.

    • Modify the DIMENSIONS of the EXAMPLE template according to the dimensions you are going to request
    • insert your design
    • Removes all guidelines (bleed, guidelines, and safety margin)
    • Save the PDF file in high quality without crop marks.

    Remember that after completing the purchase, from the  UPLOAD FILE option, you will have to upload  (send)  said file  in the corresponding order.


    Explanation of the concepts that appear in the EXAMPLE template

    The blue line is the size of what will be printed

    The RED line is where we are going to cut the material

    The GREEN line is the safety margin that it is convenient to leave to place texts and logos in the design to ensure that they will not be cut.

    For more details, you can download our explanatory file on how to create a File of Vinyls and Adhesives


    2 – Use our customizer by clicking on   Create Design .